New Zealand (Ross Dependency)

There are two permanent bases in the Ross Dependency. One is McMurdo station, owned by the US, and the other is Scott Base, operated by New Zealand's Ross Dependency Agency. The base resides on Ross Island and is a mere 3km from the massive US McMurdo Station. It is a year-round base with a summer population of 85 and an over-winter crew of less than 15.

Postmaster Ross Dependency Agency Private Bag 4777 Christchurch 8140 NEW ZEALAND

Philatelic mail is not handled at Scott Base but is instead dealt with at the Agency office in Christchurch, NZ. It is never sent to the Antarctic base. New Zealand post produces Ross Dependency stamp issues once a year, in November, and the issues remain available for purchase for at least that long also. You CAN NOT use New Zealand stamps on mail that is to be postmarked by the Dependency Agency.

cover from the Ross Dependency Agency

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last updated 30 March 2014