The main Chilean Antarctic base is Base Presidente Eduardo Frei Montalva. This base sits in an ice-free zone on the west end of King George Island and is serviced by Teniente Rodolfo Marsh Martin Aerodrome with its 1300m airstrip. The base is surrounded by a cluster of bases belonging to other nations. Villa Las Estrellas: a civilian Chilean town with a summer population of 120, also resides within the base boundaries.

Oficina Postal - Asesoria Filatelica Base Presidente Eduardo Frei Via FACH Punta Arenas CHILE

Mail to the base is routed through Punta Arenas; Chile's southern most city. The port at Punta Arenas is used by a number of Antarctic expeditions and mail to several bases on the Antarctic Peninsula passes through here. I've used the same address above to get mail Chile's Captain Arturo Prat Base and General Bernardo O'Higgins Base. Just replace the base name in the address.

Some of the nearby bases include China's Great Wall Station, Uruguay's General Artigas Station, South Korea's King Sejong Station and Poland's Henryk Arctowski Station. I have sent a few covers to some of these bases over the past few years and very few find their way back to me. But in general I have had good luck with covers from the Chilean bases.

cover from Bernardo O'Higgins Base cover from Captain Arturo Prat Base
cover from Frei Base

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last updated 01 September 2023