South Africa

The South African National Antarctic Program operates a base on the Antarctic continent known as SANAE IV as well as research stations on Marion and Gough Island in the South Indian Ocean. SANAE IV sits on a large, high rocky outcropping 160km from the sea. The hostile Antarctic winds keep the area free of snow accumulation. The bases are serviced by the SA Agulhas II which went into operation in 2012 to replace the aging SA Agulhas. It even makes routine deliveries to Tristan da Cunha.

Philatelic Mail for SANAE IV c/o Ship Operations Manager, P.O. Box 52126, V&A Waterfront 8002 SOUTH AFRICA

Do not attempt to mail your covers directly to SANAE IV. Instead, mail them to the Ship Operations Manager at the SANAP Headquarters telling him where you would like your cover sent and he will take care of it. Philatelic mail is carried to and from the base aboard the Agulhas and a cachet is applied at the base and onboard the ship. There is no postmaster at the base so the postmark will be applied in Cape Town when the Agulhas returns. To be honest, I've only tried to get covers back from SANAE twice and only one made it back to me.

cover from SANAE IV

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last updated 28 October 2015